Using Colors

IMG_0031 Using colors  in soap making and other products such as bath bombs is pretty simple you would think right? Well I have not had that experience so far! When I first wanted to make bath bombs I read all the articles, posts and blogs and was more confused than ever. Most people say not to use food coloring or frosting colors,but others swear by them. I even heard some stories of people having their skin getting colored from a bath bomb……yikes! So after trying to use some of the micas I had purchased ( barely enough to color them) I felt a little more comfortable especially since nobody I gave them to reported any issues with their tubs or skin. However using pale colors got really boring really fast and I wanted to add some vibrant colors to some of the bath bombs and bubble bath bars. So I continued to do some research and heard people talking about the bath bomb colorants from Be Scented. I decided to give them a try and ordered a few colors.There are more than a couple to choose from, and I got some that I hoped would allow me to make some really colorful products without damaging anyone or anything. I made a few using the red colorant and the blue colorant and had my daughter give them a try, totally expecting her to come out looking like a Smurf. She dropped the bath bomb into the tub and the color was fantastic! A nice shade of blue and she soaked and had a great time with the blue water and then came out none the worse for wear due to the color!!I was sooooooo excited! Now I have found out that Be Scented also sells sparkle bath bomb colors so I will be trying them soon as well.

Now on to using color in cold process soap, which to me seems extremely challenging. There are so many micas,oxides,and liquid colorants out there and while it seems the choices are endless and exciting….it is not always easy to achieve the colors you are looking for. Some colorants morph (change color) when added to your batter. Which is hard enough to try to figure out but some of them morph back to the original color after having cured for a while…..say what?! I used a beautiful shade of yellow this week called Lemon Chiffon from Nurture Soap Supplies and as soon as I mixed it in the the batter it turned a funky color orange. At first I was shocked and disappointed, but then remembered reading about a color yellow color that did just that so I thought maybe this was it. When I was finished molding the soap I went to their web site and sure enough the description of the Lemon chiffon said it would change to orange then back to yellow. I was all excited and couldn’t wait to look at it the next morning. It was like some kind of really cool science experiment and sure enough the next day the color was back to being the beautiful yellow color that I had ordered!! Unfortunately though not all colors hold up well in cold process soap so make sure you do your homework so you aren’t surprised or disappointed when the colors in your finished product don’t come out the way you hoped. Also make sure you check to see if your fragrance has vanilla in it because that will also determine the final colors of your soap


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