Mystery  Fragrances

I blogged yesterday about Bramble Berry doing their 2015 Summer SOAP panel and I just wanted to add a little about these ” mystery fragrance” testings that go on. I have seen them done by Bramble Berry and also by Be Scented. What they do is pick different soapers to test usually 6 or 8 fragrances and then tell all of us through blogs or facebook or youtube how these fragrances performed in the products they make with them and whether or not they liked the smell of them. The testers are not told anything about the fragrance so they are going on the scent alone. I am totally addicted to these tests, and I will watch every video that any tester outs out there and I take notes and read all the blogs and posts and then I make a list of which of these new fragrances I will want to try if or when they are released for sale.  My favorite part of the videos is when the selected testers first receive the samples and open them and try to guess or convey what they believe the fragrance is. I have note pads and jot down what each person says and compare them to what the next person says. It is soooooo much fun seeing what different people say about each fragrance. Some of them come to similar conclussions and others think the fragrance is totally different than the next person. When they are all done I wait on the edge of my seat for the list of what the fragrances actually are and compare them to all the notes I have made from the different testers. I always wonder if I could even come close to guessing what is in any given fragrance or would I be totally off the mark. I like to think I have a good sense of smell but who really knows until  you are put to the test. I would say to anyone who is interested in soaping and all of the amazing fragrances out there to make sure to go to  Bramble Berry and Be Scented’s facebook pages  and look for some of their  past Soap Panel Testing and watch or read all of the information put out there. It is so much fun to watch!! One of my favorite fragrances from Bramble Berry, Crisp Cotton is there because of one of these testing panels. And I have applied to be one of the testers for their Summer 2015 SOAP Panel, and even if I am not chosen, I am still incredibly excited to be able to watch the people who are because it really is just that much fun. So if I am chosen I will be blogging like crazy through every step of the way!! And it should be quite a hoot!! Stay Tuned and Happy Blogging!


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