Making Soap for Baby

In honor of my first grandchild I decided that I would make a soap that was gentle enough for her. I used the recipe from Amanda at Lovin Soap that Soap Queen used in her video on Soap Queen TV on youtube It included buttermilk and carrot puree. I made the recipe using pure olive oil and not olive oil pomace.I also did not add any essential oils or fragrance oils.I froze the butter milk and added the lye to it very slowly just as the recipe stated and I had no problems with it burning or overheating.The recipe stated that it can be a somewhat soft soap and may require a longer time in the mold but I did not find that to be the case. I believe I unmolded it the following day just as I would any other soap but if you use this recipe you may want to keep that in mind. I did not use any colorants in the soap and also let it cure for over twelve weeks and I think it turned out lovely. My daughter has been using it on the baby since she was two months old( she is now five months old) and her skin is just as soft and smooth as it can be. It is super gentle and I would recommend this recipe to anyone who is interested in making a nice gentle soap.I don’t think it is just for babies either. I think that anyone looking for a soap that is more natural with no artificial additives would like this recipe. This is the video along with the recipe. I would suggest using a soap tray in your tub or shower to make sure this soap dries between using,otherwise it does have the tendency to get soft pretty fast. If you want to find some wonderful videos and recipes for not only soaps but all kinds of bath and body products I highly recommend Bramble Berry and Soap Queen TV.


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