Fragrance Review-Be Scented



The picture only shows a small portion of the fragrances I have bought from Be Scented.I have learned to purchase the 2 oz. size bottles so I can try them in soap before I decide if I like them or not. Sometimes a fragrance smells wonderful out of the bottle and then either doesn’t in soap or doesn’t hold strong through the curing process. Sometimes they just behave badly in the making of the soap so I would not want to be stuck with an 8 oz bottle of one of those. I have not found many of any of those from the Be Scented fragrances I have used so far. I love almost all of them. My favorite one by far is Forever Red type. It is so nice and holds well in soap and I even made solid perfume with it ( which was grabbed up by all my friends and family) My son’s girlfriend said she even took the one I gave her mother lol. I also love the the Candy Apple type fragrance.Very sweet smelling which I think is a hit with the kids too. One of the first fragrances I used from them was Rainbow Sherbet which I have used in a lot of different products and everyone seemed to like that one so that is why I decided to try more fragrances that I thought would be kids friendly.Sweet Berrylicious is one of those but I was on the fence with this one. It is ok but I probably won’t buy this on again.The winter fragrances that I got from Be Scented were Amazing! I got Mistletoe,Winter type,Holly Jolly and Frosted Snow Drop.I loved all of these and they all behaved beautifully. Frosted Snowdrop I think could be an all season fragrance. It is just so nice and fresh and makes me think of the outdoors. Avobath type (zesty lemon) and Pink Grapefruit and really popular citrus fragrances I have used in soaps and bathbombs which also seem to go fast.I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these. I have one friend in particular who wants everything I make in Avobath. For the mens fragrances, I have used Bay Rum which i did not like out of the bottle but once in soap and cured….I Love It! This is why you really need to use a fragrance in soap and let it cure before you can make a final decision. I though this one smelled like clove and was so strong when I first smelled it that I wanted to put it away for later.I am so glad I didn’t. It still smells a bit like cloves but it has mellowed out to a very nice manly fragrance that I think will do well. I have also used the Suit & Tie fragrance which is also very nice and I think the guys will like. Definitely seems to be well received so far.The only “man cave” fragrance I have used so far from Be Scented that is not working for me is Clean N Fresh. It is a perfectly fine fragrance but has almost completely faded in the soap during the curing time. I actually had to go to my notes to see what fragrance was in that particular soap because I couldn’t smell it enough to know. It is a Bramble Berry dupe so I may try it from them sometime in the future but I have a few really great men’s soaps right now so I will probably stick with those.

I still have a few more of the Be Scented fragrances to try out but all in all I think I have narrowed it down to the ones I know I will be buying more of in the future. I love the products from this company and I like how Jennifer tests all of their fragrances and posts videos so you can see how they react in soap. I have had very little trouble with the fragrances I have bought here which is great, especially for beginners. Trust me,I have had some horror story fragrances already but none of them are from this company. I would recommend watching all of the videos of any fragrance you are interested in because it really helps.

Up next I will review my fragrances from the “Big Girl”……..Bramble Berry 🙂



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