Fragrance Review-Wholesale Supplies Plus


Wholesale Supplies Plus Haul

I was very excited when Wholsale Supplies Plus had a sale on all of their fragrances. I know that a lot of soapers try to stick with a small group of scents when they sell, sticking to what they believe sells the best. I have not gotten to that point in my soaping experience yet so I am trying out different scents from different companies to try to get to a point where I make just a handful of scents…..or that is my plan anyways. I Love getting and trying new fragrances.It is like Christmas Day every time I get a new package of them! I open every one and sniff and sniff and make anyone in the room sniff too. There is something really exciting about the whole thing and some times I can decide on the product I am going to use a fragrance in just by the smell of it. There are just some that scream soap and others that you know would be great in a lotion or body butter.
Sometimes I have bought a fragrance from one company and loved it and then bought the same fragrance from another company and did not like it at all. So I am at the point now of trying each fragrance I have and seeing how they behave in soap first ( do they cause problems, or discolor or not hold their scent) Then, I am seeing how friends and family react to the fragrance and see how many bars of that particular fragrance I have left. Obvioulsy I will still have some left if they weren’t well recieved. I am pretty secure in the recipes I use for the soaps at this point so I think the fragrance is what makes the difference now. I am making notes of which fragrances I get from which company seems to go the fastest and will be adding them to my list of must haves. So far from this order from WSP I already have a couple of those and also a couple of no thank you’s.
Top of the list in this batch of new one is Fruit Loops! Oh my gosh! Everyone loves this fragrance. I used it in bubble bath bars, bath bombs and soap and the kids especially cannot get enough of it. I was compltetely out of products made with this fragrance within a week. Except of course the soap which is still curing. I will be purchasing more of this for sure. It really does smell just like the cereal, all fruity and sweet. It soaped really well and seems to be holding it’s scent in the soap so all in all this is a definite keeper. Another fragrance that I thought was spot on is the English Tea Rose. If you close your eyes and smell it you would think you are smelling a bouquet of roses. My kids said it smells like old lady perfume lol but for sure if you like the smell of roses you will love this fragrance!
It did accelerate a bit in soap but that was not unexpected. All florals tend to do that but it has held strong in scent through the curing process. I probably won’t buy this again unless requested by someone once all the bars I have now are gone. Orchid and Pink Amber is another very nice fragrance although it is very similar to Forever Red type and I love that fragrance so much that I would probably stick with the Forever Red. And speaking of that…..I have used the Forever Red type from Be Scented and love love love it. I have not used the one from WSP yet but it smells pretty close right out of the bottle so I will have to try it in some soap before I decide where I will purchase more of that fragrance which I use in everything! I also used Bella’s Kiss in some soap and while it is a very nice fragrance, a light floral very girly scent but it seems to not be holding well in the soap. It could be that maybe I could have used a little more or maybe it would be very nice in a lotion but it won’t go to the top of my list right now. The only fragrance so far from these that I do not like at all is the Cucumber Melon. I did not like it in the bottle and like it even less in the soap. This is a fragrance that I really want to carry so I will have to try other companies for this one. That is all I have tried from this haul so far but I will be posting more on these soon. Next up will be my Be Scented fragrances…..


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