Fragrance Review-Bramble Berry

IMG_0190The very first fragrances I bought when I began learning to soap came from and since then I have tried other suppliers but still keep coming back and getting more.I will say that you really need to read the reviews of any fragrance before you buy them because they don’t show any videos on how they perform in cold process soap, so the reviews are helpful in knowing if a fragrance is going to behave nicely or not. I have gotten some that have seized on me although in all fairness it may have been partially because of the temperature of my oils in some cases. I totally love almost all the fragrances I have gotten from Bramble Berry, I am just saying,”do your homework.” As for scents, I have only found one or two that I don’t care for out of all the ones I have either bought or gotten as a sample from them. (you always get a free sample from them when you place an order). One of those was Patchouli and Ginger……yuk! I didn’t like it out of the bottle or in the soap I tried it in. It behaved fine but I did not like the scent at all. On the other hand I have to say that the Oatmeal Milk& Honey is my favorite fragrance from Bramble Berry. I love this fragrance in everything and when I use it in soap it is even better after curing! I know other suppliers sell this fragrance but I will never buy it any place else because I love it so much and have never had a problem with it. It does discolor slightly but I usually just incorporate that color change into my plan so it isn’t an issue for me.Another fragrance which is probably one of the most requested one from family and friends is the Dragon’s Blood. Everyone, especially the guys, love this scent so this is another that I won’t get anywhere else. This one does discolor pretty dark brown and I think sometimes makes the suds brown when using the soap but it does wash away and I have not had anyone complain about that part of this fragrance. Tobbacco & Bay Leaf and Drakkar type are other”Man Cave” soaps I make that have been well received. They have also behaved well in soap. I think the Drakkar type gets scooped up pretty quickly and I will need to order more of that soon. On the woman’s side I have had great response to fragrances such as Neroli & Shea Blossom which is flowery and very girly! I have used it in soaps and lotions and it is lovely! Another is Champagne, which I usually blend with a citrus fragrance and it is very popular.On it’s own Champagne smells just as you would expect, bubbly and kind of like ginger ale lol. White Tea & Ginger is a fragrance I received as a sample and liked it so much that I had to order more. I also had purchased Black Raspberry Vanilla from Bramble Berry, then when I was out ordered from another supplier and did not care for it so I will stick with the original from now on. You also cannot go wrong with Fresh Snow, Crisp Cotton, or Celestial Waters. They are fantastic and what I call Spa fragrances. I can use these in everything from bath bombs to lotions and love them in all. A fragrance that really surprised me was Chipotle Caramel. I was unsure about this one out of the bottle but once cured in soap I really liked it! I also get good feedback from this fragrance as most people are also pleasantly surprised with the scent.

The only issue I have when ordering from Bramble Berry is the shipping costs. They are located on the west coast so shipping tends to be high for me ( Massachusetts) otherwise I would most likely order exclusively from them. They offer fantastic products and great customer service but sometimes I am just looking for a bargain so I wait for a good sale before ordering from them. All in all though I am very happy to purchase fragrances and feel confident that I will like them from this company and would highly recommend giving them a try.

Next up is the newbie…….Mad Oils


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