Fragrance Review-Mad Oils

Mad Oils Haul

My last fragrance review is of the small company which seems to be gaining popularity lately..Mad Oils. I have gotten more micas from this company than I have fragrances but Mad Oils is great and I highly recommend giving them a try. The fragrances I have gotten from them are Black Raspberry Vanilla,Marzipan,Loo Loo Shampoo, Snow Witch and Spanish Fly.Out of all of these the only one I didn’t like was Black Raspberry Vanilla. It just didn’t smell the way I expected it to and really did not smell like Raspberry or Vanilla as far as I could tell. I used it in one batch of soap and it has really not been used since. This is another lesson I learned… a small amount until you know if you like it. On the other side of that coin is Loo Loo Shampoo! I bought an 8 ounce bottle of that and it is by far the best fragrance I have used so far from any company…..Hands Down!! I have used it in soaps, bath bombs, lotions and bubble bath bars. I was totally shocked when I went to reorder and found out that they had discontinued that fragrance. Had I known I would have bought a whole lot more than 8 ounces. I still go to their website and check just in case by some chance they bring it back.

The other fragrances I have used are all very nice. The Marzipan smells just like marzipan and mixes well with a chocolate or caramel fragrance. The Snow Witch is Amazing and I have also used that in all kinds of products and friends and family have snatched it up rather quickly. The Spanish Fly is also very nice and is a very sexy fragrance which is musky and slightly citrus scented. It is definitely one for the ladies.They seem to be adding some new fragrances lately so I will have to try some of them as well.All of their fragrances are Formaldehyde free and all of the ones I have used so far are also Phthalate free.  I also must say that the micas that I get from Mad Oils are fantastic and the names are always a source of entertainment. And when you order they always send along a freebie of some sort and also a few pieces of candy which is always welcome at my house,and they come in the cute little bag pictured above.

I have not had a bad experience with them yet and their customer service and shipping are fantastic so I would recommend this company. I will continue to hold out hope that Loo Loo Shampoo will make a come back!!


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