Making Salt Bars

Three Butter Salt Bars

I had seen a lot of people on various social media sites posting about salt bars, so I started doing some research. It seemed odd to me that adding a bunch of salt to a bar of soap could be beneficial in any way. I looked at recipes and even purchased a book all about salt bars.Everything I read seemed to suggest that it is wonderful on your skin even though most contain a high amount of Coconut Oil which can be drying. A couple of soapers said to just try it because you will be surprised at how lovely they will be. So I went to the book I had purchased by Amanda Gail and decided on a recipe and gathered the ingredients. The two things I changed were the recipe called for Yellow Brazilian Clay and I used Kaolin clay and hers called for essential oils and I used a fragrance oil. I thought those would be minor changes and all would be well. I also needed a multi-cavity mold since everything I read suggested that once you have molded the salt soap it can be very difficult to cut if you don’t catch it at the right time because it can be crumbly and hard.

Once I had everything I needed I read and re-read the recipe, watched a few videos and felt like I was ready. I used a recipe that contained mostly Coconut Oil with some Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Shea Butter added. The fragrance oil I chose was White Tea & Ginger from Bramble Berry. It seemed like a good choice to me since it is a nice fresh scent. I melted all of my oil and butters, mixed them together, added my lye and water solution and then once cooled I added my clay and fragrance oil. I stick blended to a light trace and then added the salt.( I used European Spa Salt, fine grade) As soon as I added the salt I stick blended to get it incorporated as fast as I could. I did not find that it was difficult to work with at that point as some people describe.I was able to get it into the molds with no issues. I un molded them around 24 hours later and they felt and smelled very nice! It was very hard to wait through the whole curing process to use it,my curiosity was killing me!!

I finally got them out and wrapped and gave some to friends and family and then used one for the first time this week. It is Heavenly!! It felt a bit scratchy when I first started using it but after a few minutes that went away and it was just lovely! Lathered so nicely and the fragrance was just what I hoped for and when I was finished my skin felt so soft and fresh and clean. I totally get why so many people love these bars and I am already starting to gather more ingredients so I can make some more from the recipes I purchased. I will be using these salt bars a lot from now on and I imagine after a day out in the sun those salt bars will be amazing. Now to make some handmade lotion to go along with the salt bars…….


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